Book Review – Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn

I’ve gotta apologize for taking so darn long to write my next review. Gone Girl just took sooooo long to read. I got interested in this as many readers have compared it to The Girl on the Train, which was one the books I’ve read before this.

To start off, this is a great book because of several reasons. The climax of the story, unlike some other mediocre thrillers, is not a “two-pump chump” one. It is unlike a ‘sneeze’ towards the end (pardon the reference) – but akin to a slow release of dopamine. The heart-pumping, jaw-dropping moment actually starts around the middle of the book, and like a good whiskey, leaves a long lingering pleasant aftertaste all the way to the end. I thought the ending was rather unique, it does not have a heart-stopping deeply catharsis ending like Behind Her Eyes, but one that still leaves me well satisfied – the kind of ending that makes me think of Edgar Allan Poe, somehow. I’m not sure why. Perhaps it is such a suitable ending for psychological thrillers feat. unstable state of minds.

Well first, a quick summary: Nick Dunne lives with his wife, Amy. They have been married five years. Amy disappears on their fifth wedding anniversary. As the police investigates, Nick becomes the main suspect as clues pointing to problems in their marriage surface. This carries on all the way to right about halfway in the novel. Then the twist, and the other side of the story begins. I couldn’t tell you any more about the story without giving away the best bits – except perhaps to say that the “state of mind” play is rather brilliant.

The story is narrated in the voices of the two main characters – Nick and Amy. It goes back and forth between the present Nick and the past Amy. It would normally irk me as I don’t do flashbacks very well. However, Flynn helps her readers out here by chronologically ‘time-stamping’ each change in narrative. As the story goes on the past and present melds together into one very nicely towards the end.

Rating: 4.8/5 (loved the ending, loved the pleasantly lingering aftertaste of a good book that carried me from the middle towards the end and thereafter. Loved the state of mind plays.   Cons: very slow beginning – you start to wonder if you’ll like the book, and if this is going to be another run-of-the-mill thriller (it isn’t). The beginning of the book was when I took the most time to read, compared to total time taken for the entire book)

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