A tale of three whiskeys

from smooth to smokey

So, I seldom upload my whiskey adventures nowadays. Mainly because I don’t survive the session to remain sane enough to do do, and I just don’t care anymore to press the tiny buttons on my phone or bother to turn on my laptop to do so in that state. thankfully, I am still sane enough to do so now.

I was lucky enough to be invited to a tasting session today, whiskeys going at a great sale. Cut to the chase: I purchased three great whiskeys today. From smokey to smooth, from left to right in the photo. Lagavulin 12 was far tooooo smokey for my palate. I felt like I was smoking a carton of cigars! The 16 year expression was still quite palatable. Of course, I still think the macallan was the smoothest of whatever I’ve ever tried. Leave me a comment if you think there’s something smoother, and I’ll give it a go.

I shall enjoy tasting these, and getting my liver fucked in the process.

Here’s a link to the tasting session:


Allow me to clarify, I’m just posting the link for fun. Absolutely no benefits in kind to me. Writing a blog stress-free (no monetary agenda) is very liberating.


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