Tour de Space and Time

So you love whisky/brandy/wine read:pretty much any form of alcohol (me too), you love reading books (hey, me too!), what do you do? You marry the two, but of course. 

Bingo-! *Cue Einstein’s lightbulb turning on above* This must be how they invented the liquor-hidden-in-a-cutout-book!

All kidding aside, I received a gift of a stainless steel hip flask hidden within a otherwise boring sounding book titled “tour de Space and time”, I could just imagine it being hidden amongst the dusty bookshelves of distinguished professors in the 19th century.


Time to go find something to fill it with.

Alcohol – Auchentoshan Blood Oak Whisky

Oh my, a whisky with a name like that has got to intrigue the average drinker, or at the very minimum ignite the littlest spark of curiosity. I was introduced to this by somebody, and boy it didn’t disappoint.

Let’s begin with appearance. A two-toned maroon-colored rectangular solid box with gold trimmings, tastefully flaunting the capitalized words “Blood Oak”. Nestled within the box is a tall bottle the box just about manages to cover. Not a round bottle, but more of an oval shaped one – makes for surprisingly a rather pleasant feel in the grip of your palm.

This (according to the the label) was aged in bourbon casks, and then in red wine casks, which I concluded resulted in the dark caramel-maroon color. Wow. If this doesn’t get you excited.. I don’t know what else will. If you like both wine and whisky, this might just be the thing for you – in terms of  look, taste, and built-up neurotic expectations. After all, as the saying goes, it’s all in the mind.

Very smooth mouthfeel and very full bodied. I could just about imagine the whisky aging in what once held a whole barrel of Cabernet Sauvignon or Pinot Noir (which I both incidentally love) from the Chateau grape-growing regions. I faintly tasted the acidic fruity-sourish notes of plums and currants, playfully flirting with the stronger warm caramel notes of oak. Long lasting aftertaste and unlike some other whiskies, does not have an off-taste even after waking up at 4 in the morning and realizing  you’ve fallen asleep and you decide to finish the remainder left in the glass you’ve poured earlier.

Rather strong at 46%, the way I like it. Could do with a nice large cube of ice, preferably a very clear one. I wouldn’t recommend adding water though as you may not otherwise be able to pick up on the hints of fine red wine casks flavors.

Beautiful packaging. Sexy bottle. Wonderfully unique whisky. My only gripe is that it seems rather difficult to find – the more common ones I seem to see around are the Auchentoshan 12 Year, American Oak, Three Wood. If I can find it again in my neighborhood, I would definitely get another bottle.


Alcohol – Nikka Whisky from the Barrel

My first post on another thing I enjoy doing – drinking. Drinking is a good word i like to use. Over the years, I’ve used it often in conversation and realize it means different things to different people.

Kids – water, lemonade

Non alcohol drinkers – coffee, tea

Normal adults – wine, beer, gin, whisky, vodka.

(I fall into the last category by the way)

I actually came across this when drinking with a friend. Nicely-shaped rectangular bottle, slightly smaller than your usual (this is a 500ml bottle). What stood out most was the alcohol content. 51.4% – yikes! This doesn’t taste too bad actually, with a little ice (wait for it to melt just a tad). Then again, most Japanese whisky taste quite passable.

I wish I could tell you more about how it tastes. smokey, peaty, hints of blackcurranty-citrusy whatchamacallit, but the truth is I haven’t graduated from the Hogwarts school of Distillery and Whisky-ery. Yet.

Overall, good bang for your buck. I’ve proudly polished off 3 bottles already. Try some today. I promise nobody gave me any money (or bottles) to write this.

Don’t drink before trying to read though. It has never ended well for me.