Book Review – Fever by Megan Abbott

Prior to starting out on this book, I read a couple of reviews on goodreads to have a feel of what to expect. After all, I’ve had my fair share of being misled by seductive covers and sweet-talk of le random “qualified” New York Times reporter/other accredited bodies’ promises of a “Thriller not to be missed!” or “Gripping, exciting read“.

Needless to say I found this book to be wanting in the areas of plot twists and excitement. My microscopically shortened version of the plot: Girls in a school slowly fall sick from a mysterious cause. They go into seizures, have contorted bodies, coma, etc, etc. Lots of possible causes are investigated, until the truth comes to light. Yep, that’s it. I may have missed some sub-plots here and there but that’s all my brain could find interesting enough to remember.

Abbott brings you on a wild-goose chase and takes you close to the finish line, then moves the finish post to another place. Some of our readers may enjoy that, but I certainly didn’t. Perhaps it was because of the writing, or how some of the cliffhangers ended. You know how some cliffhangers end, and then not far soon or in the next chapter you attain that gasping satisfaction on the reveal? Well, none here. Cliffhangers here either hang so long until I forgot what it was all about or the reveal failed to give me a literary orgasm. I felt that the story wasn’t well-woven together and I was rather confused with what was happening to which character at the start.

If you love a high school school involving societal politics among girls then this is the book for you. Peppered with such references throughout (to the end, too – hint hint), it probably serves as a reminder of the theme of the story. To me though, it didn’t do anything for me contributing toward the build-up of the final unveiling.

Rating: 2/5