Book Review – Sleep Tight by Rachel Abbott

I have been slow in reading recently, in part to perhaps a weariness of not having recently sent my eyes on a really good thriller. For ease of explanation, “really good” refers to a book that gets me thinking days after I’ve read it, and leaving remnants that still reside in the nooks and crannies of my brain even when I’ve already started reading the next book. More than I care to admit, I might have also been a little discouraged by some reviews from other readers. However, this was still interesting enough to get me to continue. Well, also not forgetting that it’s high time for another review-post. Okay, moving on from the chit-chat.

Robert and Olivia Brookes are married, with three kids. One day, Robert Brookes disappear with the three kids. Olivia files a police report and the police comes over to investigate. However, it seems that Olivia has forgotten that her husband told her he brought the kids to the beach, as shown when he later comes home with them to see the police swarming over their house. The case is thus closed and they move on, with Olivia being more careful not to forget. A decade later, Olivia is the one to disappear, as Robert returns home to find his wife and their kids missing. The police is once again called to investigate, and of course, they start uncovering secrets and things that just don’t add up. Detective Tom and Becky race again time to find out what happened to Olivia and her children.

Now that I’ve given you a sketchy outline of the story, I reckon you would think it sounds quite promising. It did sound that way to me too. Overall I felt the story could have been shortened at parts, as there were quite a number of parts where Olivia was “internalizing conversation” as she expresses how she feels. I would be fine with this as it gives us deep insight into how the characters think – but the thing was that it wasn’t exactly clear as to what she was referring to, or sometimes even who. I got confused at parts in the story as they referred to the two “similar” characters (inside hint for those who’ve read:brothers)

The plot itself was still alright, exciting enough to get me to continue but just short of heart-stopping for me to power through with unreserved motivation. There were some twists towards the end which was nice and unexpected, but I feel that they could have been more well-developed and reorganized to be less confusing for a longer lasting mind-gasm. I went ‘What? Who?’ (re-read last paragraph with furrowed eyebrows, trying to make sense of it all) Think of this: You’re doing it, and you’re almost there. Your partner, who should be screaming your name, starts telling you the complex procedure needed to transfer music from a PC into an iPhone for setting them up as its ringtone. Mood obliterated.


Rating: 3.5/5


P.S. I actually wanted to read ‘Stranger Child’ (by same author). I picked up this book as that was not available. I mean to give Rachel another chance. Till I manage to get my hands on that!